Planning A Graduation Party

Graduating from university is a significant time in young person’s life, as it marks the end of further education and entry into the ‘real’, adult world with a good job. Whether you’re planning on doing another degree after graduation, or plan to find the job of your dreams that you’ve studied hard in order to be qualified to get, you’ll probably want to throw a party to celebrate the achievements of you and your university friends.

Choosing a venue

Most universities will arrange a graduation ceremony with a venue and event photographer, so if you’re planning a private after party with your friends, it might be a good idea to ask at your student union if you can use the bar or function room, if they have one. You could also hire a function room separately at a hotel, town hall or social club that will have a bar and staff to serve you and your newly graduated guests.


You’ll have official photographs taken in your cap and gown at the official university ceremony, but you might also want some nice photos taken at your graduation party as well. If any of your friends have recently graduated from a photography degree and are coming along for the celebrations, ask if they can bring their camera and be the occasion photographer for the night.


Music is a vital component to any good party, so you might want to find mobile DJ hire for your party. A good idea is to ask around at the student union or music societies if they know of a good student DJ or have a student DJ hire, as most student DJ’s are significantly cheaper than professional ones, and some will even do it for free to get recommendations for future clients. Most student DJ’s are really good, and will be able to bring all their equipment, mixes, and even lights. You’ll also be able to request songs for them to play for you and your guests.


You might only want to drink at your graduation party, so making sure that you choose a venue with a bar is important. Depending on the type of party that you’re planning to celebrate your graduation, you could also all go out for a meal beforehand, or lay out a buffet at the venue to feed you and your guests. It’s easy to create a buffet cheaply if you all put some money in for food, or you could get in touch with a catering company who’ll bring all the food and lay it out for you.

Having The Sophisticated Event That Is Memorable.

Among the many fantasies that involve weddings is the thought of having a string quartet wedding in Sydney. This will create long term memories if it actually comes to pass at the actual event. If one happens to have a wedding and this forms part of the wedding then there is need to conduct research on who will provide these services at budget that is friendly. Most of these services are really expensive and one is required to search extensively through the reference resources available. One should ensure that the company selected for the service has well experienced musicians not only at playing the music instruments but have also performed in other weddings before. This will not only provide the classy feel at the wedding but would ensure that the money spent provides the desired value.

In most instances the this kind of entertainment will be sought from a string quartet hire but of the essence is that the company should be able to provide a team that provides good quality music and can customize various genres of music to suit the individuals needs as well as suit the theme of the event. The aim of the customized choice is to make the event feel more personal and beautiful. Choice of the right music usually depends on the event sequence and requires a lot of skill. In wedding one should work closely with event planners to assist in the arrangement of the music. This will of course depend on the setting of the wedding and the location of the wedding. It is equally of importance to liaise with the church to find out what customized songs are appropriate for such locations.

Just like in any corporate event music selection should complement the various stages of the event. One should factor the number of songs required for the entire ceremony, in many cases people usually think they have selected too many songs only later to realize that they had actually selected fewer songs and are forced to constantly repeat the songs over and over in the entire ceremony. Whether the wedding was well planned this oversight can create a bad feeling to those who are wedding and may end up having a predictable entertainment sequence. Choice of music should be tested during rehearsals as this provide the opportunity for one to sample and make the necessary changes where necessary. Always sample the music before the event.

One of the wedding requirements is having lively music that can actually create the happy feeling that people associate it with. The music that is played at the wedding should be the one that spreads lots of joy and a cheerful mood to the festivities. Wedding are opportunities for families to create a beautiful atmosphere through dancing. Most weddings bring together people from all walks of life that are either related or are friends to the newlyweds and since they do not interact on a day to day basis the festivities brings an opportunity for all to be free with one another and celebrate the common unifying factor that brought them all together in the first place

Jazz Band: What Should People Expect?


Music is always a soft spot for many individuals since it offers a way of people resonating with their mind and thereby developing a cool setting where they can enjoy the fun. With music,people are able to exhibit what they feel and at the same time consult with the affection they feel which ensures there is an anchor on which they can steady their mind and soul. Such is the power of music despite the genre that one has an affiliation to. Events with music therefore prove to be successful since they offer a way of individuals connecting with their inner selves. In the same wavelength, music played in events is always responsible for breaking the monotony and thereby establishes a pattern of operation where people are able to refresh their mind. As far as events go, varied event take up different music bands so as to entertain the guests. With a jazz band, the niche of service is normally well defined and this is where people can rest assured of complete fun and engagement as far as they have the band at hand.

Jazz music is always captivating and this is a factor that those with a passion for the same can share and relate to. The captivating nature is cultivated by the fact that the music is always uplifting in the sense that it brings one from the level of worry to a level of consideration and sharing of light moments. The aspect of appealing to the soul is a factor that is both unrivalled and quality set and this is the plus side that people are yet to identify with the jazz music. The best setting usually comes about when a band is able to create the moments with signature numbers and original compositions.

Jazz music is mainly utilized in corporate entertainment platforms and many have always failed to understand why. Well jazz music is never loud and this directs the fact that it can play in the background while people close deals or simply share the intricate details of a business. This is what sets jazz music apart from the rest of the genres since jazz has a way of staying in the background but playing the lead in the same wavelength. The added advantage that people have with jazz is the fact that it creates an environment of engagement and socialization which encourages people to get out of their shells and share in the moment.

Relaxation is an aspect people admire when taking a break from the rigorous process of analysis and evaluation of numbers in a corporate event or meeting. With jazz music, people can be able to handle the relaxation with seamless control which is an admirable factor. Bands that play jazz always offer something different in terms of having the entertainment of a lifetime and this is why they should make the top of the list of bands for hire when one is looking to organize a corporate event that will be both insightful and entertaining.